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To provide our country with world-class products and services,

by innovating and adapting to changing customer needs,


while helping to protect our environment.



In 1995, SteelAsia was established to put up  the  country's  first  modern  steel  bar  mill. It was a quantum leap in technology and manufacturing capacity, intended to bring the Philippine steel industry to world class levels of quality, service and manufacturing efficiency.
With innovation and continuous improvement as mantra, SteelAsia quickly established and entrenched it self as the Philippines' preferred supplier of rebar. With a majority share of market that continues to grow, its capacity has expanded to 2.0 million metric tons per annum.




National Asset


SteelAsia supplies rebar to around 70% of the Philippines' infrastructure, high-rise, commercial mall, school, factory and power plant construction. The responsibility entails ensuring that it's rebar of the highest quality and are always available. SteelAsia makes determined effort to bring down its cost to help lower the cost of construction and support economic development. SteelAsia innovates to add value to its product, increase delivery speed and reliability, and make the buying of rebar easier for its customers.
As part of its philosophy to give the best value to customers and spur construction development, SteelAsia is correcting the incongruity of the locations of supply and demand. Over 95% of steel bar manufacturing capacity is located in and around Metro Manila. The Visayas and Mindanao customers have to pay for the cost of freight to ship steel bars from Metro Manila, and suffer as well the lengthier lead times and shipping delays.
SteelAsia is correcting this incongruity by relocating manufacturing capacity closer to its markets by establishing high capacity modern steel bar facilities in South Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Customers in these regions enjoy timelier deliveries from SteelAsia at the same cost as a Manila-based buyer.
SteelAsia partners with government efforts to enforce safety and product standards and is a vigilant advocate against smuggling and other illegal trade practices. SteelAsia supports the Philippine Iron and Steel Institute as well, to help make the Philippine steel industry a real contributor to economic development.




Manufacturing Capability


SteelAsia operates 3 straight line automated rolling mills. The company manufactures 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm and 36mm rebar in Grade 230 (33,000 PSI), Grade 275 (40,000 PSI), Grade 415 (60,000 PSI) and Grade 520 (75,000 PSI).






SteelAsia is integrated both upstream and downstream.
The company operates the Philippines' only modern meltshop. It has a 500,000 metric ton per annum capacity and a 3-strand CCM that is capable of 'hot-charging' directly into an adjacent rolling mill.
The company is the only rebar mill integrated downstream into cut and bend services, rebar threading and mechanical coupler supply.




Social Responsibility


Recognizing its role in our country's development, SteelAsia is committed to undertake its responsibility in a sustainable fashion. SteelAsia minimizes its carbon footprint through the use of more efficient technologies, by buying its power from renewable energy sources, and by locating manufacturing capacities closer to its markets.
SteelAsia also supports its community by providing local employment and the chance for more enterprises to grow around it. It also helps develop the youth by offering scholarships to the communities it operates in and by partnering with schools to help teach students about steel and steel manufacturing.

SteelAsia is a joint venture between Philippines Steel industrialists, Yao and Go families, and NatSteel Holdings Limited of Singapore.


The Yao and Go families have partnered in steel manufacturing for the past 45 years.



Integrated Management System Certification (IMS)


By Bureau of Research and Standards - DPWH

 9001: Quality Management Systems

14001: Environmental Management Systems

18001: Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems




Bureau of Product Standards License (BPS)

17025: General Requirements for the Competence of Testing &

           Calibration Laboratories




By Philippine Accreditation Office - DTI

Accredited Testing Laboratory in Mechanical & Chemical Testing

Certificate of Accreditation in Mechanical/Physical

& Chemical Testing of Reinforcing Steel Bars

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