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SteelAsia and Sustainable Development

Business activities that are sustainable are those that positively reinforce a company’s feasibility over the longest conceivable term. Thus activities that create a social or ecological impact that in turn increase the long term viability of a company are sustainable.

As part of our mission, CSR or being socially responsible means ensuring that stakeholders of our business, including the community, labor, the local government, and local business, suppliers and customers among others benefit from our business and support it as well in a manner that is long-term and reinforcing. 

CSR is embedded into our business model, and are never separate activities distinct from the main activities and purposes of the company.  For our country, this is being part of the solution.

Highest quality

For our business to have its place in society foremost we must ensure that our products perform as they are meant to: Impart strength to structures used by people.

The safety of Filipino lives is paramount.  The Philippines is in the world’s busiest typhoon belt, and it is also in the Pacific Ring of Fire. In 1991 the Philippine Bureau of Product Standards imposed a mandatory standard on rebar, so that as a building material, it would have the necessary strength and other physical characteristics needed for structural integrity as well as withstand the unusual stresses of natural phenomenon.   The standard follows ISO 9001 and includes the inclusion of rebar with special characteristics and are more commonly as seismic rebar or earthquake-proof rebar.

Public safety is SteelAsia’s first priority.  To be able to consistently produce to this stringent standard, SteelAsia installs the most modern technological advancements into its manufacturing lines.  Precision automation and equipment ensure that SteelAsia has the capability to produce to standard at all times. These technologies along with its quality processes that are conscientiously adhered to by SteelAsia personnel have earned the company certifications to ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 17025 (Quality Testing Laboratory), and UK Cares (British Standard Conformity). 

It may seem like a common rebar to even an expert eye, but embedded within it are the world’s cutting edge technologies, ensuring that public safety is protected and standards are met.  It may seem like a common rebar to the prudent buyer, but behind it are the people of the country’s largest steel company, all determined to make a difference. 

This is part of the solution.

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