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Inclusive Development: A People’s Steel Mill

SteelAsia’s mills are part of the community that they are located in.  Working together with customers, business and household neighbors, local governments, suppliers and others, SteelAsia is positively received as an asset to the community.

  • Local labor support

Rebar operations’ employee profile has depth.  Engineers and technicians are certainly important but the majority of the work force fills positions which do not require college level degrees.  The undereducated have opportunities to be employed and to develop and enhance their qualification. SteelAsia begins this process even with those in the community who are not even employees.  The company encourages the under qualified and under educated local community labor force by offering free training to enable them to work in any of SteelAsia’s mills.  Community-based labor is more sustainable because high commuting costs for those at some distance from the workplace create a tendency against long-term employment much needed to develop cost-lowering expertise, and contribute to making a more reliable and economical product.

  • Partnership with customers

SteelAsia is able to lower the cost of construction by integrating its operations with construction operations.  Customers effectively outsource, rebar logistics management, site coordination, and technical oversight to SteelAsia.  SteelAsia also partners with local distributors as if it were a manufacturing and logistics arm of the distributor, by acting as their warehouse with the capability to deliver directly to their customers without concerns that SteelAsia will cut them out to sell directly.  These partnerships further lower the cost of steel for builders and the community, and helps ensure customer and community support. 

  • Lowering the cost of freight- A one price policy

SteelAsia is able to deliver a cheaper rebar in Visayas and Mindanao by making expansion investments in regional growth areas. Customers in those areas no longer have to shoulder the cost of transporting rebar from Luzon to the Visayas and Mindanao region, giving the consumers the same pricing as Luzon sourced rebar. Again a cheaper rebar benefits the area which in turn benefits SteelAsia with more repeat orders.    

  • Good tax payer

Every kilo of delivered steel is assuredly tax paid.  SteelAsia is consistently among the top tax payers in the Philippines and has received numerous awards and recognition for this.  This ensures that it is free from cost-adding disruption related to non-payment but more importantly it contributes to government revenue that in turn supports development and construction.

  • Academe partnership and training

SteelAsia recognizes the importance of the youth in the development of our county. SteelAsia partners with the academe in the development of our youth, by providing opportunities for our youth to enhance their skills and knowledge, thru steel industry familiarization tours, OJT and school initiated programs.  This helps SteelAsia source a steady inflows of highly qualified college and vocational educated individuals that enable continuous and productive operations.         

  • Renewability and recyclability

SteelAsia endeavors to source power and water from renewable sources.  Around 70% of its power requirements from renewable energy sources, and in some operations, collected rainwater is the primary source of water.  Furthermore SteelAsia recycles water fully (with zero effluent) as well as steel waste, to avoid negative impacts to the community.

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