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Technological Solutions

Lowering costs using technology

Minimizing waste-product

  • Furnace technology
    • Shorter residence time within the furnace decreases waste from oxidation called mill scale.
    • Large 12-meter billet reheat capability reduces waste from cropping the ends of a bar in progress.
    • Automated temperature controls ensure proper heating and reduce the probability of mis-rolls.
  • Rolling mill technology
    • Straight line configuration reduces the probability of mis-rolls.
    • Automation and independent drives allows high speed production with minimal mis-rolls.
    • Finishing mill and braking systems for longer cooling beds that reduce waste from bar ends.

Minimizing energy use

  • Minimizing fuel consumption
    • Automated fuel-air controls maximizes heat yielded from fuel
    • High speed machinery, Process Logic Control (PLC) driven motors ensure fewer mis-rolls and fuel wastage.
    • Direct hot charging of billets shortens reheat time saving up to 40% in fuel.
  • Minimizing power consumption
    • AC motors are more energy efficient
    • High speed machinery, Process Logic Control (PLC) driven motors ensure fewer mis-rolls and power wastage.
    • Independent drives for each stand creates optimum power usage.

Value addition

  • Cut and bend technologies saves money for customers by eliminating cutting and error wastage, double-handling, storage and other site costs.
  • Mechanical couplers and rebar threading is a cheaper and more effective option to lap splicing as it removes the wastage of having a lap and the cost of tie wire.








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