Serving the country for over half a century, SteelAsia fuels the Philippine growth story.

Embedded into every steel bar are technological investments that reduce its environmental impact.

Building a Philippine Steel Industry

As the Philippines lagged behind its neighbor in steel manufacturing, SteelAsia has made a commitment to build the domestic steel industry which it believes is the foundation of a country’s growth and development.

SteelAsia is expanding aggressively to respond to the increasing domestic demand for steel products and replace costly imports. It is diversifying to produce steel products that are currently all imported, such as steel beams, sheet piles, angles, and wire rod.

With the completion of SteelAsia’s expansion projects, the country will be able to achieve 70% steel self-sufficiency ahead of the 2030 target in the government’s Iron and Steel Roadmap.

At the same time, these projects will double steel industry jobs from currently more than 10,000 to 21,000 while the support industries will generate an additional 52,500 employment, mostly in the countryside.

Customer at the Center

At the core of SteelAsia’s operations is our customer – the Filipino.


For our business to have its place in society, we ensure that our products perform as they are meant to - to provide strength to structures used by people. This is because we believe that the safety of Filipino lives is paramount.

In order to consistently produce according to Philippine National Standards,SteelAsia installs the most modern technologies into its manufacturing lines.Precision automation and equipment ensure that SteelAsia has the capability to produce quality steel at all times.

With these technologies along with its quality assurance processes, SteelAsia is the first in the country to be certified in accordance to international standards such as ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 17025 (Quality Testing Laboratory), and UK CARES (British Standard Conformity).

SteelAsia, in cooperation with the DTI, supports the efforts to protect consumers by:

  • Ensuring readily available high-quality products at the lowest cost possible
  • Providing information to responsible agencies on activities that harm consumers
  • Providing technical training and knowledge to agencies
  • Assisting in government information and education campaigns for consumers
  • Providing technical support during inspections
  • Conducting consumer protection campaigns with distributors of rebar
  • Providing consumers with information collaterals on rebar and public safety
  • Assisting in the formulation of consumer protection policy
  • Providing resources for logistics, collaterals, and equipment needed to support consumer protection activities

Stewards of the Environment

Seriously committed to preserve the environment, SteelAsia is the first in the Philippine steel industry to be certified in accordance with ISO 14001 – the international standard for Environmental Management Systems.


Embedded into every steel bar that SteelAsia delivers are the technological investments that reduce its environmental impact.

  • SteelAsia mills have zero-wastewater. 100% of the water exiting the operations line are not drained as effluent but rather channeled into a dedicated waste-water treatment facility on the premises, and cycled back into operations.
  • SteelAsia has been on the cutting edge of resource-usage minimization. It has implemented rainwater-collection, from the roofs of its buildings and roads at its plant site. Rainwater is increasingly the main source of water for SteelAsia, as in its Davao plant which recycles 80 cubic meters of rainwater every hour as part of its operations.
  • Air-oil lubrication is a new technology that SteelAsia has implemented. Lubrication is in a closed system rather than an external application of lubricants, protecting the ground from being contaminated with used oil.
  • SteelAsia uses automated furnaces. Through sensors and automation, the optimum fuel-air mixed is achieved, minimizing particulate emissions. This also ensures optimum burning saving fuel by up to 30% compared to zero-automated furnaces.
  • Hot-charging technology reduces fuel consumption further by another 35% in SteelAsia’s mini-mills.
  • Furnace stacks are up to 50 meters high ensuring that with air dispersion, emissions stay well below the allowable limits at ground level.
  • The pioneering use of AC motors driven by individual Process Logic Controls saves on power consumption by more than to 25% and significantly reduces noise levels.
  • SteelAsia uses heat recuperators to recycle energy and save on fuel.
  • The use of LED technology to reduce power consumption.

Partnerships for the Environment

In 2018, SteelAsia inked a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) for the sustainable conservation, development, and management of at least 100 hectares of land for a period of up to six years within the areas where the company’s plants operate.

Through the SteelAsia Foundation, the company has already signed up under the MOU with DENR the greening of 25 hectares of forest land in Villanueva, Misamis Oriental where one of our plants is located.

Under the MOU, the DENR and Steel Asia agreed to work together in implementing programs seeking to “reduce carbon footprints in the environment, alleviate solid waste management and generally help improve the ecological condition of the country.”

Working with Our Communities

SteelAsia’s mills are part of the communities that they are located in. Working together with customers, domestic businesses, local governments, suppliers, and its immediate neighborhood, SteelAsia aims to create a positive impact in the communities it operates.

The company employs the bulk of its workforce from the communities where it operates, including hiring of non-college graduates. The undereducated now have opportunities to be employed and to further develop and enhance their qualifications.

SteelAsia believes that community-based labor hiring is more sustainable. Living far from the workplace incurs higher commuting and living costs which impedes long-term employment. Up to 90% of our labor force live in and around the communities where we are located.

SteelAsia is able to lower the cost of construction by integrating its operations with construction operations. Customers can effectively outsource their rebar logistics management, site coordination and technical oversight to SteelAsia.


SteelAsia also partners with its local distributors, acting as a manufacturer, warehouse and logistics arm to better serve its customers. These partnerships further lower the cost of steel for builders and the community, ensuring customer and community support.

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