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January 29, 2023

We dare to be a first-mover into regional economic centers

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Benjamin O. Yao
Chairman and CEO

“As a matter of urgency is the surging construction development we are now experiencing. Behind the sheer volume of steel needed by the Philippines, demand for quality, precision, and on-time delivery at the lowest cost have never been more paramount as these are today.

Pushed by the rising consumption of construction steel, SteelAsia has been rapidly expanding in the last 15 years and we continue to add to our capacity.

We have invested in cost-efficient technologies and this is one of our important corporate contributions to Philippine growth. We have also invested in environmentally friendly technologies knowing that our business must remain sustainable and fully integrated with the communities we are in.

Equally important is the new-frontier expansion philosophy of SteelAsia. We dare to be a first-mover into regional economic centers. We do this for good reason: expensive inter-island shipping costs between Metro Manila to points across the archipelago increase the cost of construction for Filipinos living in the country’s islands. By dispersing the location of our mills to developing economic hubs such as Batangas, Cebu, Davao and Cagayan de Oro, SteelAsia eliminates expensive shipping costs and helps boost construction activities. Localized mills also help minimize the carbon footprint of our industry by eliminating fuel consumption associated with inter-island shipping.

Even Metro Manila benefits as well. Locating mills outside the Philippine Capital is part of the solution; more than 75% of our raw material and steel products no longer use the metro’s ports and road network. We are proud to be part of the solution to Metro Manila’s nagging port, road congestion, and pollution problems. We continue to find more solutions and best practices including off-site cut and bend services, mechanical splicing systems and factory pre-fabricated reinforcement steel mesh. Construction sites stand to benefit from safer, decongested work environment, while minimal rebar handling and wastage saves building costs.

Our new mills are the legacy of our founders and represent the faith of SteelAsia in Filipinos and our country’s future. We have learned that ours is a basic industry that can only be grown in an inclusive manner.”

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