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Cut and Bend

Cut and bend is a value added rebar solution for the optimization and fabrication of rebar in a factory environment.

cut and bend product img
cut and bend product img
cut and bend product img
cut and bend product img
cut and bend product img

Depending on the structural design, rebar are cut and bent to specific shapes. In the developed world, this activity is done offsite in a factory environment compared to the developing countries such as the Philippines which predominantly work rebar at the construction site. In some developed countries, offsite fabrication is even required by law, because working rebar onsite is considered an unsafe practice at the level of the construction management, and also final structural safety of the building.

The practice of working rebar at the construction site results in significant material wastage, logistic inefficiencies such as double handling, additional site costs, and most importantly imprecise and unsafe bends and cuts.

Steel Asia introduced Cut and Bend Services in the Philippines and is helping to bring rebar solutions for the construction industry to world-class levels.

SteelAsia’s cut and bend services uses the latest technologies including automated equipment and rebar management software.

    Customer benefits:

  • Zero wastage on cuts
  • Elimination of storage and related overheads
  • Elimination of double handling
  • Elimination of site related damage and pilferage
  • Safer construction site
  • Simplicity of management
  • Consistent and precise cuts and bending
  • Zero damage to bars during bending

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