We're Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar

Reliable service

When SteelAsia expanded and modernized, Philippine developers and builders began to enjoy for the first time better and more reliable service. Reliability is time, is money. Imagine trucks of wet concrete ready to be poured and having to wait for the steel rebar, which may or may not arrive. Customers would certainly prefer to sleep easy the night before knowing with certainty that SteelAsia’s rebar will be where it is supposed to be, at the time when it is supposed to arrive.

SteelAsia’s reliability is part technology, part capacity and part workforce.



Customer coordination and support

Behind the technology and heavy machinery is an expert and experienced team of customer care specialists. They make sure that they know exactly what you need and more. They find out all conditions of your delivery site, load limitations, truck limitations, time constraints among others. They work with this information coordinating and adjusting plant production schedules, plant logistics and third party trucking ensuring stock is ready and delivered just-in-time. They also prepare all the sampling, commercial and technical documentation that customers need.

Full range of rebar product capability

Only SteelAsia does it all. The Philippine National Standard for rebar (PNS49) lists all the specifications. Unique to SteelAsia is its one-stop-shop capability for rebar. No need to go mill shopping to complete the grocery list of rebar items. All strength grades, all sizes and all lengths are manufactured by SteelAsia. The company is also pushing for the inclusion into the standard an even higher strength rebar: Grade 75 (equivalent to 75,000 lbs per square inch strength, current Philippine standards are up to 60,000 lbs per square inch strength).


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Quick size-change

The bar is set higher. Rebar come in 10 sizes per Philippine National Standard for rebar (PNS49). Old technology simply cannot cope with these sizes. It takes at least half a day for an old-technology steel mill to change between sizes, and the mill is shut down the whole time this is happening. It is very expensive therefore for old mills to change size and avoid frequent size changes as much as possible, but this is also at the expense of product availability and customer satisfaction.

SteelAsia’s new mills have quick size-change technology. This ensures that it has complete product all of the time, because it can custom manufacture depending on the customer requirement. SteelAsia continues to raise the bar. SteelAsia’s one hour between size changes isn’t the benchmark for long: It’s upcoming mill can do it in 10 minutes.


For better and more reliable service, size matters. Small mills cannot reliably serve customers when faced with several orders at once or single big projects. SteelAsia has built up its capacity to 2,000,000 tons per year, which is almost 20 times the size of the common rebar mill in the Philippines. Size gives the capability to serve JIT multiple orders or multiple mega-projects at any given time, while maintaining a high level of personalized service.

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